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Success Stories

"I am enjoying my stay here in Australia. Though the weather is a bit chilly, the ambience and facilities are all world class. I am almost half way into the course, which will be concluding on December"

Kinjalak Singh, University of Tasmania, AMC, Australia

"My experience with Global Reach has been spectacular. I have received a 100% scholarship from the University of Melbourne, Australia’s number one university, for the Bachelor of Science program, all"

Kaushik Bora, University Of Melbourne, Australia

"My entire experience with the Global Reach team, Siliguri was absolutely amazing. The entire teams hard work and dedication is what I am most grateful for. Thank you all for being so accommodating, pa"

Tegha Subba, Deakin University, Australia

"Global Reach has truly been dedicated in its efforts to send me to study at Charles Sturt University in Sydney. Each and every member of their staff is very knowledgeable and well aware of current fac"

Varun Mohan, Charles Sturt University, Australia