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Natural and Physical Sciences
Natural and Physical Sciences
Natural and Physical Sciences, n.f.d.
Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Sciences n.f.d.
Mathematical Science n.e.c.
Physics and Astronomy
Physics and Astronomy n.e.c.
Chemical Sciences
Chemical Siences, n.f.d.
Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Chemical Sciences n.e.c.
Earh Sciences
Chemical Sciences n.e.c.
Atmospheric Sciences
Soil Science
Earth Sciences, n.e.c.
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences n.f.d.
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Ecology and Evolution
Marine Science
Biological Sciences n.f.d.
Other Natural and Physical Sciences
Natural and Physical Sciences, n.f.d.
Medical Science
Forensic Science
Food Science and Biotechnology
Laboratory Technology
Natural and Physical Sciences, n.e.c.
Information Technology
Information Technology
Information Technology, n.f.d.
Computer Science
Computer Science, n.f.d.
Formal Language Theory.
Computational Theory
Compiler Construction
Data Structures
Network and Communications
Computer Graphics
Operating System
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science, n.e.c.
Information Systems
Information Systems, n.f.d.
Conceptual Modelling
Database Management
Systems Analysis and Design
Decision Support System
Information Systems, n.e.c.
Other Information Technology
Information Technology, n.f.d.
Security Science
Information technology, n.e.c.
Engineering and Related Technologies
Engineering and Related Technologies
Engineering and Related Technologies, n.f.d.
Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
Manufacturing Engineering
Textile Making
Garment Making
Footwear Making
Wood Machining and Turning
Cabinet Making
Furniture Upholstery and Renovation
Furniture Polishing
Manufacturing Engineering, n.e.c.
Process and Resource Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Materials Engineering
Food Processing Technology
Process and Resources Engineering
Automotive Engineering and Technology
Automotive Engineering and technology, n.f.d.
Automotive Engineering
Vehicle mechanic
Automotive Electrics and Electronics
Automotive vehicle Refinishing
Automotive Body Construction
Panel Beating
Upholstery and vehicle Trimming
Automotive Vehicle Operations
Automotive Engineering and technology, n.e.c.
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Metal Fitting, Turning and Machining
Sheetmetal Working
Boiler Making and Welding
Metal Casting and Patternmaking
Precision Metal Working
Plant and Machine Operations
Mechanical and Idustrial Engineering and Technology, n.e.c.
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering, n.f.d.
Construction Engineering
Structural Engineering
Building servuces Engineering
Water and sanitary Engineering
transport Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Civil Engineering, n.e.c.
Geomatic Engineering
Geomatic Engineering, n.f.d.
Mapping Science
Geomatic Engineering, n.e.c.
Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology
Electrical and Electronics Engineering and technology, n.f.d.
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Computer Engineering
Communications Technologies
Communications Equipment Installation and Maintenance
Powerline Installation and Maintenance
Electrical Fitting, Electrical Mechanics
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics
Electronic Equipment Servicing
Electrical and Electronics Engineering and technology, n.e.c.
Aerospace Engineering and Technology
Aerospace Engineering and Technology, n.f.d.
Aerospace Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Aircraft Operation
Air Traffic Control
Aerospace Engineering and Technology, n.e.c.
Maritime Engineering and Technology
Maritime Engineering
Maritime Construction
Marine Craft Operation
Maritime Engineering and technology, n.e.c.
Other Engineering and Related Technology
Engineering and Related Technologies, n.f.d.
Environmental Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Fire technology
Rail Operation
Engineering and Related Technologies, n.e.c.
Architecture and Building
Architecture and Building
Architecture and Building, n.f.d.
Architecture and Urban Environment
Urban Design And Regional Planning
Landscape Architecture
Interior and Environmental design
Architecture and Urban Environment, n.e.c.
Building, n.f.d.
Building Science and Technology
Building Construction Management
Building Surveying
Building Construction Economics
Bricklaying and Stone masonry
Carpentry and Joinery
Ceiling, Wall and Floor Fixing
Roof Fixing
Furnishing Installation
Floor Coverings
Painting, Decorating, Sign Writing
Scaffolding and Rigging
Building, n.e.c.
Agriculture, Environment and Related Studies
Agricuture Science
Wool Service
Animal Husbandry
Agriculture, n.e.c.
Horticulture and Viticulture
Horticulture and Viticulture, n.f.d.
Forestry Studies
Forestry Studies
Fisheries Studies
Fisheries Studies, n.e.c.
Environmental studies
Environmental Studies, n.f.d.
Land, Parks and Wildlife Management
Environmetal Studies, n.e.c.
Other Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies
Pest and Weed Control
Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies, n.e.c.
Health, n.f.d.
Medical Science
Medical Studies, n.f.d.
General Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Internal Medicine
General Practice
Medical Studies, n.e.c.
Nursing, n.f.d.
General Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Community Nursing
Critical Care Nursing
Aged Care Nursing
Palliative Care nursing
Mothercraft Nursing and Family and Children Health Nursing
Nursing, n.e.c.
Dental Studies
Dental Assisting
Dental Technology
Dental Studies, n.e.c.
Optical Science
Optical Technology
Optical Science, n.e.c.
Veterinary Studies
Veterinary Science
Veterinary Assisting
Veterinary Studies, n.e.c.
Public Health
Public Health, n.f.d.
Occupationl Health and Safety
Environmental Health
Indigenous health
Health Promotion
Community Health
Public Health, n.e.c.
Rehabilitation Therapies
Rehabilitation Therapies, n.f.d.
Occupational Therapy
Chiropractic and Osteopathy
Speech Pathology
Rehabilitation Therapies, n.e.c.
Complementary Therapies
Tradional Chinese Medicine
Complementary Therapies, n.e.c.
Other Health
Health, n.f.d.
Nutrition and Dietetics
Human Movement
Paramedical Studies
First Aid
Health, n.e.c.
Education, n.f.d.
Teacher Education
Teacher Education, n.f.d.
Teacher Education : Early Childhood
Teacher Education : Primary
Teacher Education : Secondary
Teacher Education : Vocational Education Training
Teacher Education : Higher Education
Teacher Education : Special Education
English as a Second Language Training
Nursing Education Teacher Training
Teacher Education, n.e.c.
Curriculum and Education Studies
Curriculum and Educational Studies, n.f.d.
Curriculu Studies
Education Studies
Other Education
Education, n.f.d.
Education, n.e.c.
Management and Commerce
Management and Commerce
Management and Commerce, n.f.d.
Business Management
Business and Management, n.f.d.
Business Management
Human Resource Management
Personal Management Training
Organisation Management
Industrial Relations
International Business
Public and Health Care Administration
Project management
Quality Management
Hospitality Management
Farm Management and Agribusiness
Tourism Managemet
Business and Management, n.e.c.
Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing, n.f.d.
Real Estate
Public Relations
Sales and Marketing, n.e.c.
Office Studies
Secretarial and Clerical Skills
Keyboard Skills
Practical Computing Skills
Office Studies, n.e.c.
Banking, Finance and Related Fields
Banking, Finance and Related Fields, n.f.d.
Banking and Finance
Insurance and Actuarial Studies
Investments and Securities
Banking, Finance and Related Fields, n.e.c.
Other Management and Commerce
Purchasing, Warehousing and Distribution
Management and Commerce, n.e.c.
Society and Culture
Society and Culture
Society and Culture, n.f.d.
Political Science and Policy Studies
Political Science and Policy Studies, n.f.d.
Political Science
Policy Studies
Studies in Human Society
Studies in Human Society, n.f.d.
Human Geography
Indigenous Studies
Gender Specific Studies
Studies in Human Society, n.e.c.
Human Welfare Studies and Services
Human Welfare Studies, n.f.d.
Social Work
Children Services
Youth Work
Care for the Aged
Care for the Disabled
Residential Client Care
Welfare Studies
Human Welfare Studies, n.e.c.
Bahavioural Science
Behavioral Science, n.f.d.
Behavioral Science, n.e.c.
Law, n.f.d.
Business and Commercial Law
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Family Law
International Law
Taxation Law
Legal Practice
Law, n.e.c
Justice and Law Enforcement
Justice Administration
Legal Studies
Police Studies
Justice and Law Enforcement, n.e.c
Librarianship, Information Management and Curatorial Studies
Librarianship, Information Management and Curatorial Studies, n.f.d.
Librarianship and Information Management
Curatorial Studies
Language and Literature
Northern European Languages
Southern European Languages
Eastern European Languages
Southeast Asian and Northern African Languages
Southern Asian Languages
Southeast Asian Languages
Australian Indigenous Languages
Translating and Interpreting
Language and Literature, n.e.c.
Eastern Asian Languages
Philosophy and religious Studies
Philosophy and Religious Studies, n.f.d.
Religious Studies
Economics and Econometrics
Economics and Econometrics, n.f.d.
Sports and Recreation
Sports and Recreation Activities
Sports Coaching, Officiating and Instruction
Sports and Recreation, n.e.c.
Other Society and Culture
Family and Consumer Studies
Security Services
Society and Culture, n.e.c.
Creative Arts
Creative Arts
Creative Arts, n.f.d.
Performing Arts
Performing Arts, n.f.d.
Drama and Theatre Studies
Performing Arts, n.e.c.
Visual Arts and Crafts
Visual Arts and Crafts, n.f.d.
Fine Arts
Jewellery Making
Visual Arts and Crafts, n.e.c.
Graphic and Design Studies
Graphic and Design Studies, n.f.d.
Graphic Arts and Design Studies
Textile Design
Fashion Design
Graphic and Design Studies, n.e.c.
Communication and Media Studies
Communication and Media Studies, n.f.d.
Audio Visual Studies
Written Communication
Verbal Communication
Communication and Media Studies, n.e.c.
Other Creative Arts
Creative Arts, n.e.c.
Food, Hospitality and Personal Services
Food and Hospitality
Food and Beverage Service
Baking and Pastry Making
Food Hygiene
Food and Hospitality, n.e.c.
Personal Services
Beauty Therapy
Personal Sevices, n.e.c.
Mixed Field Programmes
General Education Programmes
General Primary and Secondary Education Programmes
Literacy and Numeracy Programmes
Learning Skills Programmes
General Education Programmes, n.e.c.
Other Mixed Field Programmes
Mixed Field Programmes, n.e.c.
Graphic and Design Studies

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Search Result: 353 Institutions | Total Courses: 39572

University of Fraser Valley logo

Canberra Institute of Technology

Location: ACT - Canberra Institute of Technology - City Campus - Constitution Ave, REID
[4 locations | View all]

ACT - Canberra Institute of Technology - City Campus - Constitution Ave, REID; ACT - Canberra Institute of Technology - Vowels cresent, BRUCE; ACT - Canberra Institute of Technology - Woden Campus - PHILLIP; ACT - The Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Address: International Office Box 826 CANBERRA Australian Capital Territory 2601

Certificate IV in Programming

  • Length: 52 Weeks
  • Tuition: AUD/year

Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Soft Tissue Therapy)

  • Length: 130 Weeks
  • Tuition: AUD/year

Diploma of Remedial Massage

  • Length: 104 Weeks
  • Tuition: AUD/year
University of Fraser Valley logo

Macquarie University

Location: NSW - Macquarie Applied Finance Centre
[4 locations | View all]

NSW - Macquarie Applied Finance Centre; NSW - Macquarie Graduate School of Management; NSW - Macquarie University; NSW - Macquarie University Sydney City Campus (Angel Place)

Address: Corner Herring & Balaclava Roads NORTH RYDE New South Wales 2109

Master of Accounting (Professional)

  • Length: 104 Weeks
  • Tuition: $0.00 AUD/year

Master of Applied Finance

  • Length: 78 Weeks
  • Tuition: $0.00 AUD/year

Graduate Diploma of Management

  • Length: 52 Weeks
  • Tuition: $0.00 AUD/year
University of Fraser Valley logo

The University of New England

Location: NSW - The University of New England
[2 locations | View all]

NSW - The University of New England; NSW - University of New England (ELICOS operations)

Address: University of New England ARMIDALE New South Wales 2351 To display all courses at a particular location, please click o

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

  • Length: 208 Weeks
  • Tuition: $87200.00 AUD/year

Bachelor of Economics

  • Length: 156 Weeks
  • Tuition: $58320.00 AUD/year

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

  • Length: 52 Weeks
  • Tuition: $21800.00 AUD/year
University of Fraser Valley logo

Australian Catholic University

Location: VIC - Australian Catholic University-Ballarat Campus
[6 locations | View all]

VIC - Australian Catholic University-Ballarat Campus; QLD - Australian Catholic University-Brisbane Campus; ACT - Australian Catholic University-Canberra Campus; VIC - Australian Catholic University-Melbourne Campus; NSW - Australian Catholic University-North Sydney Campus; NSW - Strathfield Campus

Address: International Education Office PO Box 968 NORTH SYDNEY New South Wales 2059

Associate Degree in Early Childhood

  • Length: 104 Weeks
  • Tuition: $42000.00 AUD/year

Associate Degree in Inclusive Education and Disability Studies

  • Length: 104 Weeks
  • Tuition: $42000.00 AUD/year

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

  • Length: 156 Weeks
  • Tuition: $71400.00 AUD/year
University of Fraser Valley logo

Charles Sturt University

Location: QLD - 119 Charlotte Street, Brisbane
[17 locations | View all]

QLD - 119 Charlotte Street, Brisbane; NSW - Albury; NSW - Bathurst; ACT - Canberra Institute of Technology - City Campus; NSW - Crows Nest; VIC - CSU Study Centre Melbourne; VIC - CSU Study Centre Melbourne; NSW - CSU Study Centre Sydney; NSW - Dubbo; VIC - Holmesglen Institute of TAFE; NSW - Orange; NSW - Port Macquarie (7 Major Innes Road); NSW - Ryde; ACT - St Marks Theological Centre; NSW - Suite 1, 21-27 Grant St, Port Macquarie; NSW - United Theological College; NSW - Wagga Wagga

Address: Student Administration Locked Bag 588 WAGGA WAGGA New South Wales 2678

Bachelor of Accounting

  • Length: 156 Weeks
  • Tuition: $60000.00 AUD/year

Bachelor of Accounting (Study Group-Australia)

  • Length: 156 Weeks
  • Tuition: $60000.00 AUD/year

Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management

  • Length: 156 Weeks
  • Tuition: $85200.00 AUD/year

Search Result: 353