What is Planstudyabroad


Plan Study Abroad (PSA) is a virtual study platform, which will facilitate online counseling, course search, application guidance, visa guidance etc to prospective students interested in studying overseas. PSA is all set to change the counseling model in the international overseas education scenario.

The PSA platform is home to many world-class universities in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and Singapore offering thousands of courses.   The unique ‘Intelli-Search’ feature is an amazing tool to research & shortlist best-fit universities and courses according to your exact circumstances, such as academic scores, budget, country, scholarships, intake time and more.


Study abroad made simple

We understand how difficult it can be for students to make sense of the entire overseas education process in a short time, without much support. This is why we’ve put together a team of advisors across major cities in India to assist you along every stage of your study abroad journey.

Besides reaching us online, which the majority of our students have already done and still do, you can walk-in to our offices if you wish to meet your assigned counselor and have a more detailed conversation about your education.

To help keep track of your progress with your application, we’ve provided you with user activity monitoring tools. This interactive technology allows you to monitor your entire admission process.

Please check the user dashboard that keeps you updated at every step of your application process.

Tailor-made for you

Using our smart search technology and interactive tools, we match your grades, budget, preferred study destination and course and English language skills to offer a tailored set of results to you.

To further help you with your search and decision-making process, we give you complete access to the world’s largest database of University profiles. The extensive database covers a wide-range of courses offered by institutions in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden.  

Browsing the detailed information listed on our website by over 5000 institutions world-wide, you can make informed decisions about your education abroad.

Once you short-list universities you want to study in, we'll help you apply to those universities.

Keeping a close watch

Our job doesn’t end with sending over the applications to the universities that you shortlist. We’ll help you follow up with the admissions team and get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ within a short time. Close monitoring helps in building trust and confidence for both the applicant and the university.

Easy accessibility to guidance and information

Once your application process starts we will offer you complete information on the document requirements and specific university requirements for your application.  This will enable you get your application ready quickly and help you so that you do not waste any time in procuring any documents till the last minute of your deadline.

At PSA you have access to our qualified counselors at all times. Our virtual reach has helped us expand our services even to some students in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (check our Google reviews).

Getting ready

PSA has certified Visa Advisors with over 25 years of experience and our visa advisors will give you complete information about the study visa that you choose to apply for. In fact, you can speak to them anytime, to figure out if your chosen country’s visa rules are in line with your academic demands.The advantage of meeting our visa advisors is they’ll take you through mock interview sessions where you’ll get to know the easiest and toughest questions that could be asked to you by a visa officer and also how you should and shouldn’t answer certain questions. Many students have appreciated our study visa interviews.

Throughout your study abroad journey, you'll get the latest updates on overseas education from us.